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Panji Gurowongso
Raden Gunung Sari
Prajurit Sabrang 11
Prajurit Sabrang 10
Panji Pamecut
Prajurit Sabrang 4
Dewi Anggraini
Prajurit Sabrang
Prajurit Sabrang 2
Panji Layaran
Patih Sabrang
Prajurit Sabrang 9
Dewi Kilisuci
Prajurit Sabrang 6
Buto Terong
Tokoh Topeng Kreasi
Demang mundu
Prajurit Kediri2
Buto Begalan2
Prajurit Sabrang 8
Prajurit Sabrang 5

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For questions about collections and objects the respective museums are at your disposal, please contact them directly. This is especially true for the approval of further use of the images whose rights belong to the museums or the photographer.